Sunday, February 26, 2012

Journal Entry

This month is flying by!  I am happy to report that we are all feeling better!   Kevin and I celebrated Valentine's Day by going to Market Street for dinner and then to the movie This Is War.  We both enjoyed the movie and I got my chick flick fix in with my husband.  
Gabby is getting to so big!  She loves to put on costume jewelry just like her big sister!  She can say quite a bit now, "What's that?", "mom", "dada", "Q", "Lets go", "Buda Buda (Binky)" and I am still probably missing a few others!  She can also sign more, eat, drink, and finished.  She is starting to get a little bit of a temper, when we don't allow her to do something she will run away crying and throw herself down on the ground.  It's humorous for now!  
Ocianne is doing great.   She loves going to school at Challenger and she is now reading.  She is so smart and fun.  She is still extremely girly and loves to dress up and play dolls, barbies, and pet shops.  She went over to her new friend Alice's house the other day and played the entire day!  She came home and said, "That was the best day ever!" 
Dexton is getting so grown up!  He has made a new friend down the street named Trevor.  They have become best buddies.  They are in the same church class and have been getting into a little bit of trouble because they goof off too much.  Unfortunately, for them, Grandma's best friend Carol Sue is their primary teacher and so we get a weekly report after their walks on Monday mornings!  A funny story about Dexton this week.  We told Dexton that if he picked up the dog poo once a week we would pay him an allowance.  He wanted to earn some money for the book fair this week so on Saturday he went out and picked it all up.  Grandpa was the one who was going to pay him so he went out to inspect his job.  He found a few pieces that he missed and told him to pick those up and he would pay him.  Grandpa left him outside to finish up.  We were watching him struggle in the wind to get the poo into the bag from the sun room window.  I was watching him and feeling a little bad for him, I watched him stop and noticed he had to go to the bathroom.  He had one piece left and tried to compose himself to finish the job before coming inside.  He attempted again to get the poo into the bag when the realization he couldn't hold it in anymore hit him like a ton of bricks!  He dropped the bag and the shovel and peed right then and there in the middle of the lawn!  We were laughing so hard!  Grandpa tapped on the window while he was in mid stream to let him know we were all watching!  He looked away sheepishly and turned bright red, finished picking up the poo and came inside!  Hopefully one day he finds this as funny as we do!  We love him so much! He is just so sweet and kind.  He is a wonderful big brother!

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The Neilson Family said...

That is so hilarious! Sweet Dexton. Can't wait to see you guys!!